September 21, 2015


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Come along and try your skills against other teams in a fun competition that is a lot of laughs! Teams of 4 people aged 12-17. (Everyone will require signed parental consent form on the day).

Events include the following:
  1. Walk the plank. 4 people from each team stand on 2 planks with rope loops to hold on and race 30m in formation to a finish line.
  2. Jumbo Sack race. 4 team members in one large sack have to cover a short course.
  3. Human sheepdog trials. Think you are good at giving instructions? How fast can you get your blindfolded team members into the sheep pen by shouting instructions.
  4. Welly boot water challenge. Teams have 3 mins to fill welly boots with water and wear them over a course keeping as much water in the wellies as possible.


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