Krazy Karting

Krazy Karts

Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival brings you Krazy Karting. Enter now!

Dunfest Karzy Kart is a race against the clock with each team having to collect tokens along the way which depending on the colour will reduce your race time. Each team consists of two members a driver and a pusher but choose your team mate well as you must swap positions half way round. Karts must be home made but if you haven’t managed to perfect your kart we have one you can borrow on the day.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday the 20th of September so don’t delay. Krazy Karting will take place on Saturday the 29th of September. Entrants must register between 11:00 and 11.30pm. Krazy Karting begins at 12:00 noon!

The Krazy Kart rules

  • Two per team, both must have helmet and knee and elbow pads (bring your own)
  • Cart must have no engine or pedals and steered by a seated driver.
  • Cart is to be driven by one member and pushed by the other, roles reverse half way round the course
  • as the carts race around the have pit stops where the driver jumps out and collects coins or tokens different colours are worth different amounts.
  • one of the collection points has stars and a special star has extra points.
  • Finishing positions are also awarded points.
  • Car can be used by more than one team but team members may only race once
  • If two teams using the same car reach the final one team must beg borrow but NOT steal a car from another team.
  • there will be heats semi finals and a final depending on numbers.
  • Sign in time is 11:00 -11:30 and waivers must be signed by parent or guardian on the day.
  • Start time 12:00
  • Applications on line or in the office cut before Wednesday 20 September.

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